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From initial public consultation to site selection, tender document review, contractor qualifications and construction inspections, we are relied upon by municipalities across Ontario to assist with the development of a range of cycling facilities.

In addition to bike parks, tracks and trails, we also lend our expertise and specialized skills to the detailed design and creative physical implementation of Active Transportation systems and principals. For municipalities looking to expand and enhance their cycling networks, we can greatly assist using our knowledge gained through tens of thousands of kilometres of urban cycling and commuting, and years of cycling advocacy by our team members.


Our team understands the entire process of cycling facility development from a variety of roles, including advocates, riders, parents, neighbours and approval authorities.  We are effective at balancing the needs of the community, requirements municipality and environmental agencies and the wishes of the local riding group.  We can effectively communicate with a range of stakeholders to ensure that every ideas has been considered, and that the community wishes are being met through the development of preliminary conceptual drawings and plans for further review and discussion.  We use a variety of methods to gain public feedback including public open houses, design workshops, online surveys and detailed questionnaires.


The benefits of Active Transportation are well known throughout Ontario municipalities, however physical implementation of the recommendations and strategies detailed in high level policy documents can be very difficult.  Through years of facility development and thousands of kilometres of urban cycling, we understand the fine details of Active Transportation amenities, including street and trail intersections, line painting, grade changes, signage and wayfinding.  We can help your municipality create a highly functional and enjoyable Active Transportation network.


Using our detailed design drawings, we can assist municipalities create tender level bid packages for large scale construction projects.  We create comprehensive design packages that are highly detailed, yet concise and easy to read, in addition to material quantities and cost estimates for project forecasting and budgeting.  Inspection of site conditions and construction progress are also a valuable service we are able to provide our municipal partners.


Give us a call today for a free no-obligation consultation with one of our bike park experts.

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