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Batawa Ski Hill - Mountain Bike Trail Network

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

The newly built Xc trails at the Batawa ski hill is a master planned trail system running around and along the ridge line wood lot and was completed in 2018.

The entire network was planned and marked from scratch by our master trail builder Igor Dragoslavic, and machine built and finished by our team.

There are 5 trail sections running approximately 5.5km that feature a smooth trail surface, winding trail alignments, quick changes in elevation and a wide enough corridor for possible Xc skiing in the future. The trails are highly flowing and contain many natural features that are creatively incorporated into the terrain that when ridden at speed, feel like a roller coaster. The key to the trail system is a creatively built switchback section traversing approximately 50m elevation that features large bermed corners and swooping turns. The newly built switchback section replaces a problematic ‘fall line’ trail that went straight up and down the hill, which has been closed by our team.

The various trails come together at strategically located intersections and offer a variety of options for both long and short rides.

Accessible for everyone at the Batawa ski hill in Trenton, ON these trails are an example of what is possible when creating a newly built trail system with our team!

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