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City of Mississauga – Leuschner MTB Challenge Park

The Leuschner MTB Challenge Park is an expansive MTB riding area in central Mississauga that utilizes a large hydro corridor open space connecting to the Culham trail near the Credit River and Highway 403.  The MTB style park features a variety of lines and obstacles including a cross country loop, rock garden, and ‘north sore’ style elevated ladderbridges that cross through a low lying valley.  The park was initially established as a tribute to fallen rider Ellis Leuschner around 2007 by a coordinated effort between the various City departments, the local riding community and with guidance from the International Mountain Biking Association.

Transitions Bike Parks created new lines traversing the steep valley area to help solve the issue of vertical ‘fall line’ trails which had formed over the years and re-established the valley area wooden boardwalks.

Some of our services included:

  • Detailed site inspection and analysis of existing conditions

  • Preparation of recommendations and options report

  • Budgeting and scheduling estimates

  • Repair and reconstruction of valley area wooden boardwalks and elevated ladderbridges

  • Heavy debris clearing, vegetation removal and cutting of new XC singletrack trails

  • Reconfiguration of valley descents and closure of fall line trails

  • Lengthening of overall trail and reduction in slope throughout project area

  • Testing and refinement

  • Ongoing recommendations report

This park is an excellent use of land with some cool lines and features, and has even more potential to become a destination riding spot with continued development of the huge areas to work with.  We look forward to continuing to help improve and expand this awesome riding area.

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