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Meadowvale Sports Park - City of Mississauga

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

The meadowvale sports park bike track is a redevelopment of an outdated and underused jump park on a relatively small site area. The previous facility was originally geared mostly towards intermediate and advanced level riders with larger jumps with gaps.

Our 2017 redesign completely redeveloped the park from an advanced level, linear jump style track to a family friendly, circuit style track with lower features suck as berms, rollers, a waterfall out of the 180 berm, a rolling style jump, and a triple roller feature for added interest and progression. The track is fun to ride with a variety of features and an elevated start deck with inside berm for a second lap.

In 2018 we returned to add a new layer of premium clay, and added fresh triple mix topsoil and grass seed throughout the site for improved sustainability and aesthetics. The track is family friendly, flows well and offers something for beginner and intermediate riders.

Check it out on Meadowvale blvd in North Mississauga!

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