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Rockwood Private Bike Track

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

This project had our team Redeveloping an existing private residential track on a beautiful rural property, taking it from an unused, improperly laid out track to a functional and progressive circuit style jump track in under two weeks. The track features an elevated start ramp with an interlocked deck and a course with a variety of features including waterfall rollers, step up/ step downs, a hip jump, rolling doubles, a large 180 berm and a step up style jump.

In addition to blending a variety of classic and modern features, the track also features enhanced materials such as premium Clay surface, fresh topsoil and sod throughout the infield and feature sideslopes. The added Landscape improves the track sustainability, aesthetics and better defines the limits of the course.

New irrigation connections along the track edge and a simple drainage scheme manages water on site.

This probate facility offers a variety of challenging features to ensure the residents and guests will continue to enjoy the track season after season.

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