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City of Mississauga - Windrush Woods Bike Track

Windrush Woods in north Mississauga is a unique facility located in the centre of a mature woodlot with some fun and rolling topography.  The trails and jumps gradually formed over the years in the natural bowl shaped woodlot, by the local riding community in the 1990’s.  Informally constructed, the area was showing some signs of deterioration, and in need of a solution.  Instead of removing the unsanctioned riding area, the City took a forward thinking approach to the track by enlisting the services of Transitions Bike Parks to formalize the riding area and create a fun and safe layout that built on the tracks existing lines.

Transitions Bike Parks provided the City with a range of services including:

  • Detailed site inspection and analysis of existing conditions

  • Preparation of recommendations report

  • Design preparation

  • Budget and scheduling

  • Construction services including total renovation and hand finishing of all features

  • Testing and refinement

  • Ongoing operational strategies

This park is located in one of the most unique settings we have ever worked on, and is an asset to the local neighbourhood.  We were pleased to help transform this underground ‘trails’ style spot into a fun and safe, sanctioned facility.

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